Boot Camp For Military Moms: 10 Tips for Your Sanity

Our daughter and her husband wanted to make sure we would both be home. After they arrived, they asked us out onto the deck. They wanted to tell us something big. They already had a daughter not quite one year old, were they pregnant again? No. This news was something I had not expected at more »

Army Mom Strong

I know it is coming. He goes “home”, back to base, in three more days. When he does, I will be a mess. We have done this a few times now. I’m learning. Every situation is different, I can’t speak for everyone but being a military mom is an emotional journey to say the least. more »

Saying Thank You To Our Veterans: When The Words Won’t Come

I didn’t realize that an army birthday party would one day turn out to be an army career. When our children were young, we wanted to instill in them a respect for everyday heroes. We practiced speaking well of those in authority and those who serve our country. Though we didn’t know anyone currently enlisted, more »