Motivation & Incentives: Homeschool Edition

Ready or not, here we go! The shopping is done, the lesson plans are laid out and your school area is ready. So, are you wondering just “how” to keep your children on task? To be clear, staying on task can be hard for adults too. But when your students are also your children, theyContinue reading “Motivation & Incentives: Homeschool Edition”

What’s It Really Like To Homeschool?

Our Homeschool Journey There’s too much to tell in one post but I can summarize. We never planned to homeschool. (That is the confession of many homeschoolers.) When we got married my husband told me that he wanted our children to go to private school like he did. That sounded pretty good to me consideringContinue reading “What’s It Really Like To Homeschool?”

What Do I “NEED” To Homeschool?

Setting The Stage For Learning It’s back to school season. This year it looks a little different. I have noticed less advertisements for supplies though we know we should probably be getting prepared somehow. So just what does a family need to homeschool? As a homeschooling mom of 19 years, I can give you someContinue reading “What Do I “NEED” To Homeschool?”

Got Great Ideas? 5 Tips To Put Them Into Practice

Who else starts their day with high hopes and then is dashed when life takes over? I know I could be so much more productive if I could just remember to use the resources that I have in my home. If all those genius life hacks made it off my Pinterest wall and into myContinue reading “Got Great Ideas? 5 Tips To Put Them Into Practice”

Communicating Our Priorities: Homeschooling & Marriage

Life is busy for everyone but even more so for the homeschool couple. We manage our employment, extended family responsibilities, church and community commitments. Then, there is the home front. Meals, cleaning, curriculum, extracurricular, parenting and nurturing our marriage. So many places that we need to be attentive and invest in! People often ask, “HowContinue reading “Communicating Our Priorities: Homeschooling & Marriage”

So You’re Thinking About Homeschooling Preschool?

As you watch your child grow up, you are amazed! The way that they pick up on things is fascinating to you. They really are like little sponges just soaking up the world around them. It gets you thinking, “Is she ready for formal education?”, “What do I need to teach her next?” And “DoContinue reading “So You’re Thinking About Homeschooling Preschool?”

Prioritizing My Homeschool: Where does the Bible fit in?

We are heading into another school year, lining up all the activities and choosing the best curriculum. I always have such optimism at the beginning of the year that we will fit it all in. As parents we want to set our children up for success in their lives. No matter our own challenges, IContinue reading “Prioritizing My Homeschool: Where does the Bible fit in?”

Memory Verses: Implement a Plan for Retention

I’ve just gotten home from a second week of summer Bible clubs with my kids. There are so many verses that they learn during VBS and 5 Day Clubs during these events. I don’t want them to lose the progress they make in memorization and, as usual, I find myself needing a plan. The goalContinue reading “Memory Verses: Implement a Plan for Retention”

The Ideal Homeschool Family: How do you Measure up?

In our early days of homeschooling, we weren’t just new to this type of educational model, we were relatively new to being a family altogether. We were young and still discovering our family personality. I was fascinated with the people I saw in the home-school community. I had never met so many large families inContinue reading “The Ideal Homeschool Family: How do you Measure up?”

It’s Graduation Season Again: How We Prepared Our Son For Independent Living

Remember back to when your first child was born. It was the great unknown, wasn’t it? We devoured parenting books and searched for advice. We attended mommy groups and everything was so new and exciting. Now that our babies are grown, we are right back at the great unknown! Through the early years of parenting,Continue reading “It’s Graduation Season Again: How We Prepared Our Son For Independent Living”