I have had the honor of sharing my heart with hundreds of women thanks to the partnerships with the ministries listed below.

The Bible Speaks to You Podcast (with James Early) Pam brings a mother’s perspective to all these stories. What were these moms in the Bible thinking?

Ruth Hovsepian from Out of the Darkness Sharing God’s Word with women who need a reminder that they are not alone and that in Christ, they can free themselves of the shame and embrace the power of Christ in their imperfect lives.

Navigating Motherhood and Supporting Moms-Guest appearance #1.

The Power of Mother’s who Pray-Guest appearance #2.

Praying Christian Women Podcast (Jaime Hampton) Today we got to talk with Pam Fields from about how God has called her to blog and speak to “less-than-perfect Christian mamas” from all walks of life, and how the pandemic launched her into a new ministry. She shares her story, as well as lots of great prayer tips. You won’t want to miss this conversation! Pull up a chair and join us

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