Motivation & Incentives: Homeschool Edition

Ready or not, here we go! The shopping is done, the lesson plans are laid out and your school area is ready. So, are you wondering just “how” to keep your children on task? To be clear, staying on task can be hard for adults too. But when your students are also your children, they more »

What Do I “NEED” To Homeschool?

Setting The Stage For Learning It’s back to school season. This year it looks a little different. I have noticed less advertisements for supplies though we know we should probably be getting prepared somehow. So just what does a family need to homeschool? As a homeschooling mom of 19 years, I can give you some more »

So You’re Thinking About Homeschooling Preschool?

As you watch your child grow up, you are amazed! The way that they pick up on things is fascinating to you. They really are like little sponges just soaking up the world around them. It gets you thinking, “Is she ready for formal education?”, “What do I need to teach her next?” And “Do more »

Grumbling Or Gratitude: What Flows From The Heart?

Would I be a complainer if I told you that I get irritated hearing complaints? Can I be real with you, though? There are a lot of people in my house and that adds up to a lot of complaints. It gets old, but worse, it becomes infectious. Sometimes the grumbling can become so common-place more »

The Ideal Homeschool Family: How do you Measure up?

In our early days of homeschooling, we weren’t just new to this type of educational model, we were relatively new to being a family altogether. We were young and still discovering our family personality. I was fascinated with the people I saw in the home-school community. I had never met so many large families in more »

Boxcar Days: Where a Kid can be a Kid!

As the weather warms up and the sunny days get longer, there is one question on my children’s minds…. “When is Boxcar Day?” My friends know all about this and are asking the same question as my kids! Then there are others that ask, “What is Boxcar Day?” Many years ago there was a tradition, more »

The Anniversary Gift That Changed our Lives

Looking back, I remember the time that we lived in a little cul-de-sac early in my mothering years. There was a family whose children seemed to always be playing together outside. I wondered why they weren’t in school. One day my neighbor and I were both getting our mail out of our mailboxes at the more »

To the Moms of Future Men: Let me Tell You Our Story

There was a time that my little boy was just that, a little boy. When he got older and entered the years of passage towards adulthood, I was thrown for a loop. It really was both of us who came to this time of transition with a little bit of shock. Lately I have heard more »

Date night Dilemma: Don’t Miss Out, Have a Party!

I remember the days when we were dating. My boyfriend (later fiancé) was coming to pick me up to go out to dinner. I worked to pick out just the right outfit for the occasion, makeup on, perfume on…. all the preparation. After we were married, we still had the option to go out on more »

Springtime has Arrived: Simple Ways to Keep Kids Busy

Spring has sprung and every year when it does, it means that it’s time to get everyone outside. Each season brings its own kind of messes and past time activities. Every year I wander the aisles of a few local stores looking for new ideas to keep my kids engaged outside. Wouldn’t you know it, more »