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Welcome to the Mom Next Door Podcast where I interview everyday moms just like you.

Each of these wonderful mamas, and grandmas, have a testimony of God’s faithfulness in their lives that will give you hope that God is working in your life, too.

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173 – The Power of Words: Cultivating Habits of Speech – Sarah Molitor The Mom Next Door: Stories of Faith

You may know Sarah from her Instagram account, @ModernFarmhouseFamily where she shares her family and their lives with the world. Today, we are chatting about the power of words and how we can create an atmosphere that gives life in our homes. Are we speaking to get our point across or to build relationship with those who talk to? If you recognize room to grow in this area of life, join our conversation! We pray it will be a blessing to you and to your home. Sarah's website is Modern Farmhouse Family Check out her books, "Well Said", "I Grew With You", and "The Song That Goes On and On and On and On" (Affiliate links) Sarah's sister-in-law Ann Dunagan has a wonderful group for mission minded women. You can find her at You are invited to chat with Pam and Friends over on Facebook at the Tending Fields Mom's Group. #wellsaid #holdthatthought #relationshipbuilding #wordsoflife #christianparenting #applesofgold #momlife #pleasantwordsareahoneycomb #speaklife
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