Got Great Ideas? 5 Tips To Put Them Into Practice

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Who else starts their day with high hopes and then is dashed when life takes over? I know I could be so much more productive if I could just remember to use the resources that I have in my home. If all those genius life hacks made it off my Pinterest wall and into my real life world I would make more progress. Well, in the words of my friend Nancy Campbell, “Things don’t just happen. You have to make them happen!”

Take a look around you and prioritize. Looking at everything that must be done is overwhelming. Just stop. What is the thing that has been irritating you the most? The thing that slows your productivity or perhaps is even a safety concern for your family? Has the Lord put something on your heart that needs to be addressed? That’s where you start.

Collecting resources will never bring about the results that using them will. It doesn’t matter what discipline of life it is (habits like drinking water, eating smart, memorizing scripture, keeping a smile on your face or using that new homeschool curriculum) they are all just dreams of things that you should or want to do until you purpose to actually do them. Here are a few tips that help me as I strive to keep things moving along.

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

James 1:22

5 Ways I Keep My Focus

1- Make it a family project– If it’s just me trying to start a new habit it often is not in the forefront of my mind. When I see these things as ways our whole family can grow together we can help each other. (I share a few tips here that our family uses when memorizing scripture together.)

2-Paper reminders- I know that digital lists are good. My cell phone can be a real distraction though, in so many ways! To be truly productive, I need to write down tasks on paper. If it is a goal that will be recurring, I might even laminate it and turn it into a dry-erase check list.

3- Put things in plain sight- Where will you regularly see these reminders? Create for yourself a prompt to be your call to action. Maybe a sticky note on the fridge, on the counter, or a dry erase board as doorknob hanger. (When we were battling bad attitudes I dropped myself a pretty clear hint to keep us on track. You can read more about it here.)

4-Get accountability- Share your project or goal with a friend and ask them to hold you accountable. Maybe they can send a text asking how you are doing with it. For months, when all my children were little, a friend would randomly send me texts reminding me to smile.

5- Purposeful jewelry that will spark your memory- Bracelets or other pieces may not mean anything to others. However, you will be reminded about the commitment you’ve made when this special trinket catches your eye. For example, I use simple bracelets to remind me to be in prayer regularly for my children. You can read more about it here.

Invest Your Time Well

How we choose to invest our time is important. I have poured over systems and made countless plans only to be disappointed that they “didn’t work”. In reality, when I am honest with myself, often the failure was simply a lack of implementation. So instead of devoting even more time to researching a new method, I first spend time making a thorough run at what I have already decided on. I know it seems too simple to be true. Sometimes the running after new things draws us in. But be strong and stay committed to complete what you start. You have saved some pretty awesome things! Go use them. You CAN do this!

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