Grumbling Or Gratitude: What Flows From The Heart?

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Would I be a complainer if I told you that I get irritated hearing complaints? Can I be real with you, though? There are a lot of people in my house and that adds up to a lot of complaints. It gets old, but worse, it becomes infectious. Sometimes the grumbling can become so common-place in our house that there are times I hardly notice it. There are times that I do notice but I have trouble gathering up the energy to redirect it. So my solution? A sigh, a reprimand, and an overwhelming desire for my children to all just grow up. It’s not that there is always a dower attitude in our home but when present, it definitely spoils the atmosphere.

In my 23 years of parenting I have learned an absolute truth, I have to be open to change. There is no chore system, no homeschool curriculum, no menu and no method that works at all times for all children. Our family has been under construction for decades. Our home has been in a constant state of adjustment as each child has been added, grown up and moved out. When our household dynamics change, as parents we need to re-evaluate the state of our home. I am always open to new biblical ideas for parenting.

I’m so anxious to tell you about a discovery!

Recently, I heard about a book called “The Grumble Free Year”. The author announced that she was looking for people to join the launch team for her book. I was all in! The title grabbed me as it identified a desire that I had for our home. My husband has a little title for me, “The Immediator”. An immediator is the opposite of a procrastinator. Once I decide something needs to be done, I can’t wait to make it happen. Being on the launch team meant that I was able to read the book pre-release (cue the angelic choir).

This book seemed like it would offer a new solution to our struggles. The Goyer family bravely stepped up to the challenge to have a grumble free year. As Tricia Goyer (mother of 10!) recounts the process that they walked through she provides practical steps to battle the complaining spirit. The Goyer family has made an investment in their own home. They have also prepared an endowment for those of us who will follow them on the journey.

As we approach the holidays, this is an opportune time to engage in being grumble free. I want to raise children that are thankful. Children that recognize the goodness of God and His working in our lives. Just as Ephesians 4 challenges us to put off the old ways and put on the new, so we can train our children to put off grumbling and put on gratefulness.

For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks. Luke 6:45b

Attitudes in the home are a constant struggle for even the best of families. I’m not sure that a single article or blog-post can guide you to victory in it. This is an area that our family continues to grow in. In fact, I wrote about it only seven months ago here. (See… we are a work in progress!) If you are also needing new approaches and the reminder to cultivate a heart of gratitude in your home, I encourage you to check out The Grumble Free Year! I know it was not always easy for them but their perseverance in this challenge was an inspiration. The biblical principles woven in helped me to understand my children and myself better.

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